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Understanding Semiconductors | Episode 2

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Understanding Semiconductors

Modern metrology from Lab to Fab by Rigaku.

A podcast for engineering leaders in characterization, metrology, process, and analytics, looking for discussion around semiconductor metrology challenges.

In this episode, How the Semiconductor Industry can Regain the Hearts and Minds of Innovators

Markus speaks with Todd Younkin, President and CEO at Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) about:

  • How can the semiconductor industry rejuvenate innovators to think differently about the space? How do we address and fill the talent gap?
  • How the industry needs to move beyond Moore's Law and the smaller, cheaper and faster paradigm to inspire and recruit fresh talent?
  • A more robust “middle pipeline” that moves ideas to concept to product more effectively.
  • The recent Geopolitical focus on Semiconductors and what that means for the future of Global Supply ChainsThe CHIPS Act.

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Reach out to Markus Kuhn on LinkedIn for any potential guest requests or episode ideas.

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