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We are contributing to the enhancement of humanity through scientific and technological development.


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RSMD | RIGAKU  Semiconductor METROLOGY Division


Semiconductors and Micro-electronics X-ray Metrology Solutions for in-process R&D and high-volume manufacturing.

Rigaku Semiconductor Metrology Division specializes in providing WD-XRF, XRR, ED-XRF & Optical, TXRF, XRD, HR-XRD, and CD-SAXS metrology tools to measure critical process parameters, including thickness, composition, density, roughness, surface contamination, crystallite size, stress/strain, CD, shape, and more.

Rigaku offers X-ray metrology solutions for process R&D and high-volume manufacturing of semiconductors and micro-electronics, and global 24/7 service and support.


Rigaku semiconductor metrology tools deliver cutting-edge solutions for process development, control, and yield enhancement.


Per the continual demand of the semiconductor industry, integrated circuits (ICs) demonstrate higher performance at a lower cost than their predecessors. Wafer metrology tools are used to design and manufacture ICs by carefully controlling the film properties, linewidths, and potential defect levels to optimize the manufacturing process of these devices. Rigaku’s Metrology tools, combined with wafer inspection capabilities, can target semiconductor devices' physical and electrical properties under production. Wafer Metrology can specifically identify surface particles, pattern flaws, and other conditions that could cause adverse effects on the performance of these devices." to "negatively impact device performance..

Rigaku is a pioneer and world leader in designing and manufacturing X-ray-based measurement tools (X-ray diffraction, X-ray fluorescence, and X-ray reflectometry) to solve semiconductor manufacturing challenges. With more than 30 years of global market leadership in the semiconductor industry, our families of products enable everything from in-fab process control to R&D for thin film and materials characterization.


Meet the Team

Rigaku sustains high-quality customer service through personal accountability and professional commitment to you and your research endeavors using your Rigaku equipment.

We do this with expertly-trained, regionally-located service personnel backed by in-house staff, engineers, and scientists.

Photo of David Leland

David Leland | RSMD Account Manager

Rigaku Americas Corporation | Colorado, USA

Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, Colorado State University, Fulbright Collaborative Research Grant, TU Wien/Atominstitut, Vienna, Austria. David has been working in the scientific instruments business as an analytical X-ray specialist for over 30 years. His career has taken him to over 25 countries to serve customers in a diverse range of industrial and academic endeavors. His role as an account manager in semiconductor metrology presents a unique opportunity to work at the forefront of advances in X-ray technology to meet the ever-increasing challenges of an industry that continues to push the boundaries of reliability, speed, and ever-decreasing dimensions. Connect with David on LinkedIn Want to learn more? Connect with David on LinkedIn.

Photo of Rodney Chisholm

Rodney Chisholm | RSMD Account Manager

Rigaku Americas Corporation | New York, USA

Rodney started his career in lithography as a field engineer installing and supporting equipment around the world. He has lived abroad, managing all aspects of the customer experience as a director with Integrated Solutions Inc. Korea LTD and ASML’s special applications group as an account manager. Joining Rigaku in June 2022, More than 30 years of industry knowledge in both Sales and Service. Want to learn more? Connect with Rodney on LinkedIn.

Photo of Joe Formica

Joe Formica | Director, Business Development - Semi Fab Products

Rigaku Americas Corporation | Texas, USA

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, University of Houston, BSE in Chemical Engineering, Princeton University.For more than 30 years, Joe has applied x-ray techniques for materials analysis in laboratory and semiconductor manufacturing settings. Over his career with multiple, multinational x-ray instrument companies, Joe has experience in applications development, product management, product marketing, sales, and operations. Presently, Joe is Director of Business Development for Rigaku’s semiconductor metrology business in North America. With the key roles semiconductor devices play in the modern world, his interests include the on-going development of science and technology, particularly semiconductor metrology, for the benefit of humanity. Want to learn more? Connect with Joe on LinkedIn.

Photo of Markus Kuhn

Markus Kuhn | Senior Director of Semiconductor Metrology and Fellow

Rigaku Americas Corporation | Oregon, USA

Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Western Ontario, Canada BS Honors, University of Western Ontario, Canada. Markus is a semiconductor technology expert with a proven track record in developing, managing, and implementing novel metrology strategies and programs in support of advanced semiconductor processes and architectural technology development. During a 25-year career with Intel and Digital Equipment Corporation, Markus was responsible for the development and implementation of a broad range of analytical capabilities to help meet semiconductor technology goals. He was a key technical contributor to Intel's breakthrough strain, high K/metal gate, FinFET, and advanced memory programs. Currently, he is a Senior Director for Semiconductor Metrology and a Fellow for Rigaku Corporation. His interests include the advancement of analytical capabilities for nanoscale devices, and he has a broader interest in the synergies between analytical characterization methods, machine learning, and process metrology to help enable emerging nanoscale device technologies. He has published 100+ refereed papers and holds 30+ patents relating to semiconductor technology. Want to learn more? Connect with Markus on LinkedIn.

Photo of Meredith Beebe

Meredith Beebe | Semiconductor X-ray Metrology Applications Scientist

Rigaku Americas Corp | California, USA

Meredith Beebe is a semiconductor X-ray metrology specialist with unique perspective having significant experience both as an end user in the fab as a process characterization engineer and as an applications expert for multiple vendors supporting customers with a broad range of technological challenges. Meredith has worked in the semiconductor industry for over 20 years and is a subject matter expert known across the industry for trace metal and contamination analyses employing X-rays, VPD-ICP-MS, SIMS, AFM, and Auger. Meredith helps people understand and develop improved strategies for contamination monitoring, metrology optimization, and she provides key insights from direct customer experience to contribute to Rigaku’s leadership in X‑ray metrology. Want to learn more? Connect with Meredith on LinkedIn.

Photo of W.Jeff McCarthy

W.Jeff McCarthy | Senior Application Scientist

Rigaku Americas Corporation | Texas, USA

PhD in Chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin. He has over 5 years of experience in process technology development with multiple semiconductor device manufacturers. Jeff joined Rigaku in 2018 as an Application Scientist with the Rigaku Semiconductor Metrology Division. Here he is committed to supporting customers by utilizing Rigaku X-ray metrology technology to solve materials characterization challenges encountered in a high volume manufacturing environment. Want to learn more? Connect with W.Jeff on LinkedIn.